Fatima Centennial Concert

By Jenna Ebener

On Sunday, March 12, I had the joy of experiencing the Centennial Concert honoring Our Lady of Fatima. Musicians from all over the area united at Our Lady of Fatima, who was host to the Colorado School of Mines Brass and Choir, the Cathedral Choir from the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, the Southwest Musicians and the Mariachi Ensemble of Metropolitan State University, and, of course, Our Lady of Fatima Choir.

Dr. Robert Klimek is a former music director at Our Lady of Fatima. He is currently the Composer-in-Residence at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception and is Director of Music at the Colorado School of Mines. He put together an amazing evening to honor Our Lady in her Centennial year.

I entered the church with my beautifully-designed program and was immediately immersed in the deep tones of a cappella singers from the School of Mines. I have always been so impressed by a cappella singers who, through their layers of singing, make it difficult to believe that we are only hearing their voices and not any instruments. What followed was a whirlwind of performances of all different formats. There was a glorious blend of instrumentalists and singers, of slower songs and faster songs. Instrumentalists slowly immersed us in their songs, while the Mariachi Ensemble marched in with a fanfare of proclamations. Meanwhile, a rendition of Hail Holy Queen, along with the teasing of the director, instilled in me the desire to re-watch “Sister Act.” We were even blessed to hear Masa Ito, a Grammy award winning classical guitarist, who mesmerized the crowd with his captivating performance. The songs were blended with speakers and bits of humor, which brought the entire concert together.

Though the performances were widespread, they all had one thing in common. Each one was a dedication to our Lady of Fatima. It was awe-inspiring to hear five renditions of Ave Maria, yet, each one was so unique. From soloist singers and organists to full choirs, each variation praised our Lady of Fatima in a beautiful way. I often found myself closing my eyes so my soul could fully embrace the spirit of the concert. The talent and passion coming from every musician was so clear and pure. It is obvious that they have been blessed by God to be the vessels of His glory through the gift of music. I kept reflecting back on our Gospel that I had heard just hours before on the transfiguration of Jesus. As I listened to the countless tributes to Our Lady of Fatima, I have no doubt that my soul was not the only one transformed. [See Photos] [Watch Video]