Kids Trivia & Art Contest

As part of the Centennial Celebration, we are holding a Kids Trivia and Art Contest.  This contest began May 1st and will conclude in October to coincide with the six months of Our Lady’s apparitions to the three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal.

Art Contest

We invite children in age groups: 4-6, 7-9, 10-13 and 14-18 to enter our Kids Art Contest. What a beautiful way for our children to show their devotion to our Holy Mother! All entries must have a Fatima theme, such as events or people surrounding Our Lady’s apparitions. Please read Art Contest Official Rules.

Starting May 1st, children may submit their work of art at the Parish Office. All entries must be submitted by October 13th. Download an official Art Contest Entry Form.

Trivia Contest

We invite all children to learn about Our Lady of Fatima's message in a really fun way by entering our Kids Trivia Contest. During May to October, with every 1st Bulletin of month, six questions per age group are posted. Age groups are: 4-8, 9-13 and 14-18. See helpful links to research questions.

Contestants must submit their answers to the Parish Office or in the collection basket by Wednesday of the 2nd week of month. Download this month's Trivia Contest Entry Form.

Correct answers will be published with the 3rd Bulletin of each month. There will be three top winners per age category. Winners will be the child in each age category who answers the most questions correctly throughout the six months. Prizes will be awarded at the pot luck after the 11:30am Mass on October 29, 2017 when the Fatima Pilgrimage Year ends.

Ages 4 - 8

1. During Our Lady's visit in June she asked Lucia to do something very important so she would be able to help Our Lady during her whole life time. What was this very important thing that Lucia was supposed to do? 

2. The 3 little shepherds were still so sad that people didn't believe in the visits of the Lady from Heaven. So in July Lucia asked a big favor of Our Lady so that people would know that she really did come to visit them. What was this big favor? 

3. What did Our Lady tell the children? 

4. Everyone would like to go to Heaven when our life on earth is over, but sadly many people don't love God or obey Him and so they can't go to Heaven. In July Our Lady showed the 3 children where people go when they die if they don't love God. What did Our Lady show them? 

5. God and Our Lady love us very much even if we don't always love them back. So Our Lady told the children something they could do to help sinners go to Heaven. On a certain day each month if we go to Mass, say the Rosary and think about the lives of Jesus and Mary for a little while we can help ourselves and other people go to Heaven. What is this practice called? 

6. Many people who did not believe in God or the Blessed Virgin Mary were very angry that the shepherd children were visited by Our Lady. So in August before Our Lady came to visit them, the children were arrested and taken away from their families for 3 whole days! These people tried many ways to frighten the shepherds and to make them say they lied about Our Lady's visits to them. But the children were so very brave. They would not tell a lie. Even when they were told they would be boiled in oil if they wouldn't give in. What did Lucia tell the people who arrested them?


Ages 9 - 13

1. Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco were very serious about their promise to pray and offer sacrifices for the conversion of sinners and to make reparation to God for sins committed. Sacrifices are things we enjoy or want that we offer to God for love of him. Name 2 sacrifices offered by the three shepherd children. 

2. Our Lady asked us to offer our sufferings to God for the conversion of sinners and in reparation to God for sins committed. Sufferings come to everyone at times in their lives. We do not choose to suffer as we choose tooffer sacrifices. Francisco and Jacinta suffered greatly from the flu which took their young lives in 1919 and 1920 respectively. Lucia however lived to be 97 years old. Some of her sufferings included the loneliness she felt after her two cousins died. Name one other suffering she experienced.

3. During the July 13th apparition, Our Lady taught the children a new prayer that was to be added to the end of each decade of the Rosary known as the Rosary or Decade Prayer. What are the words to this prayer? 

4. On July 13th Our Lady told the children "this war will end". To which war was Our Lady referring?   

5. But, she said, "If people do not cease offending God a worse war will break out". Which war was Our Lady warning us about? 

6. The Blessed Mother told the children that God would give a warning sign before the start of the next war. What was that sign and when did it occur?


Ages 14 - 18

The apparition of July 13th is the most important of the 6 apparitions. It contains the secrets of Fatima, Our Lady's predictions for the future and her call to us to amend our lives.

1. The first of the secrets is the vision of hell given to the children. This vision is the reason Our Lady came to earth; she came to lead us away from this horrific vision back to the Beatific Vision. What is the Beatific Vision?

2. Our Lady told the children we must amend our lives and confess our sins so we can save our own souls, but in perfect charity we must also offer prayers and sacrifices for the souls of others. Why did Our Lady say this was important?  

3. At Fatima the Blessed Virgin makes it very clear that peace in the world is directly tied to the conversion of sinners and what chastisement did she say was the result of sin?  

4. The first part of the second secret of Fatima is Our Lady's request for the "Communion of Reparation" or the 5 First Saturday Devotion. She told the children she would come sometime in the future to request it and that if practiced this devotion would prevent another world war and prevent the spread of Russian errors throughout the world. In 1925 Our Lady and the Christ Child appeared to Sister Lucia in her convent to explain the devotion and to request the spread of it throughout the world. One first Saturday is to be offered for each of the 5 blasphemies against the Virgin Mary. What are those blasphemies?  

5. Our Lady of Fatima has the celebration of the 5 First Saturdays. It can be celebrated every first Saturday of the year. Of what does this devotion consist?   

6. The second part of the second Fatima secret is Our Lady's request for the Pope in union with all the bishops of the world to consecrate Russia to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart. As with the First Saturday devotion, this consecration was intended to convert Russia and prevent the spread of Communist errors throughout the world. Our Lady came to Sister Lucia in 1929 to ask for this to be done. However the consecration was not done for many years. Jesus told Sister Lucia that it would be done, but it would be too late, that Russia would already have spread her errors throughout the world. When was the consecration successfully completed and by which Pope?