33 Days to Morning Glory

Want to find out the quickest and easiest way to holiness? Explore consecration to Jesus using 33 Days to Morning Glory as your guide. Groups and individuals at Our Lady of Fatima have been pondering the mystery of Marian consecration and how it works in forming us to become saints. You are invited to take the journey by reading and preparing for consecration on your own or with a group. Groups are established when 6+ persons are interested.

The 33 Days to Morning Glory book can be purchased online or at Catholic bookstores. The Retreat Episodes & Guide is available for FREE online at FORMED.

For more information, or to signup for a group, contact Religious Education Office, 303-233-1283.

Upcoming Start Dates & Consecration Feast Days:

JUL 13 start ~ AUG 15 consecration on Feast of The Assumption

JUL 20 start ~ AUG 22 consecration on Feast of Queenship of Mary