Parish Art

Statue of Our Lady of Fatima “Comes to Life”

by Mary Herzogenrath

The statue of Our Lady of Fatima, which now resides in the nave, was installed on October 13, 2016. See story and photos of the dedication and enthronement. A week or so after her installation, my husband and I were attending the 5:00 PM Saturday anticipatory Mass. I am amazed by how I am drawn to her. I think she has the “most beautiful, come to me, I’m here for you” face I have ever seen on a statue. It’s something about her eyes.

I was gazing upon her during Mass when I noticed that she started glowing! She was actually lighting up right in front of me! What was going on? The vases of roses beside her have marbles to hold the roses up and there was a light hitting just one marble in each vase…it looked like a candle flame. The relics of recently canonized St. Jacinta and St. Francisco were in front of Our Lady and it seemed there was a light just under where the relics hang. Our Lady is on a blue cloud and her gown is blue. They appeared iridescent! The gold on Our Lady’s veil started to shine! It was then I looked behind me and noticed the sun was at the correct angle to hit one of the blue stained glass pieces. It was the blue stained glass on the blue cloud and gown which was shining on the porcelain! The light moved up as the sun outside moved and brought the gold to life. The blue light then moved to the marble above and behind Our Lady’s head. It seemed to me like a sun shining through a fog bank. The light then moved to the blank wall to the right of Our Lady. I was mesmerized! Our Lady had come to life right before my eyes!

I determined that this will happen twice a year, during the spring and fall equinox. The sun will be at just the right angle in the afternoon to shine through one of the stained glass panels in our representation of the Miracle of the Dancing Sun. If you are sitting on the Mary side of the church between 4:30 and 5:30, you will see Our Lady of Fatima light up for you! She entreats you to “come to me.”