Parish Pioneer

Alice Hosier

Alice Hosier and her husband Jewell were married in 1956 and moved into their home on Lee Street, just six blocks from Our Lady of Fatima. When the new parish boundaries were set in 1958, they became founding members.

Fr. Robert Syrianey, First Pastor at Our Lady of Fatima

Fr. Robert Syrianey, First Pastor at Our Lady of Fatima

Alice was particularly close with Fr. Syrianney. He had taught her religion class at Holy Family HS. She was thrilled that he was the new pastor. He was entertaining and gave meaningful homilies. He had a wonderful gift for forming community. People were very generous to the parish, though it seemed he didn’t really ask. He was always ready to help. He was someone Alice could talk with when she was struggling with childbearing issues. Father married their daughter Deborah and baptized her three children long after he had moved on to other parishes.

Music was a favorite of Father, so he formed a choir right away and Alice was a member for many years. Marguerite Eiberger was the organist and also a theatrical director. Two Broadway shows were performed by parishioners on the school stage, “Sound of Music” and “Oklahoma”. The nuns in “Sound of Music” were garbed in actual habits provided by the school sisters. Tickets were no charge, and performances were crowded. Alice was also an early member of St. Cecilia Circle, singing at nearby nursing homes each month and singing at funerals. Additionally she was among the first money counters for the parish, and she continues to this day.

Deborah went to school at OLF. She remembers Hamburger Day each month. The local McDonald’s franchise was owned by a parishioner, who provided hamburgers and free orange drink, which was served by the mothers.

Their very best friends were parishioners – Beris, Gustafsons and Hajeks. They enjoyed the parish dances together, lovely socials, with the music often provided by parishioner Joe Peterson and his band. They vacationed together with their kids to Glenwood Springs every summer, and Fr. Syrianney would come out Saturday evening to say Mass and have dinner.

Alice has always had a special devotion to the Blessed Mother, as did her mother. Those of Italian background often grow up praying to Mary. There has been much cancer in her family, including twice herself. Prayers to the Blessed Mother for consolation and strength got her through many losses in her life, including her husband in 2014.

Her daughter would like Alice to move closer to her down in Littleton. Less house would be nice, but Alice doesn’t like to think of leaving her parish and her job as a counter.